Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photographer - Eydis Einarsdottir -
Stylist - Deanna Palkowski -
Hair - Katrina Molson -
Makeup - Negar -
Model - Grace -

Shooting beauty with Eydis is Killer
not only do you get good results
but working with her is fun!!
(and she brought snacks -I ate soooooo much that
now I'm addicted to chips, DETOX lol)

Without the stylist the shot would be so plain,
DDDDDDDDDDDDeanna stepped in and made it KICK SOME BUTT

Katrina - Hair here, there, any style, any where - always love your creations!

And Grace - I hope you blow them away in NY - she moves like no other!!

Photographer - Kin Chan -
When he is good he is really good . . .

Stylist - Mila Franovic -
If you haven't checked it out yet - you must check out beadedeagle and beadedeagle2
Always unique Mila . . . Always so good!

Makeup/Hair - Negar -
So I thought we were going to the beach - a 10 minute hike and climbing a fence in a sun dress made me reconsider my shoot wear lol the bruises were worth it

Model - Adrienne Nicole - Rad Kids -
So preeeeeeeety Thanks Anna from Nobasura for blogging this shoot and crediting all the artists involved!! Left me speechless that Nobasura respected everyone's efforts and work equivalently


Ink Magazine

Photographer - Matthew Burditt -
*Matthew got a new site people so check it out!!
Stylist - Deanna Palkowski -
Makeup/Hair - Negar -
Model - Alex G -
(she is TINY and so into it, awesome experience)
Model - Rory -

Hope you likey


Um the makeup is the best part no?? lol

Love being part of this great team yet again, and seeing the
amazing images created - and look Kin even
shot a close up for me ;)

Photographer - Kin Chan -
Stylist - Deanna Palkowski -
Makeup/Hair - Negar - meeeeeeeeee


Photographer - Justin Tyler Close -
Styling - Deanna Palkowski-
Makeup/Hair - Negar -
Model - Ricki Lee -

My first shoot with Justin!! Looking forward to the next. . .

Friday, July 9, 2010

In Bloom

Photographer - Kin Chan

Stylist - Deanna Palkowski

Makeup/Hair - Negar

Model - Leah


PS Leah is so amazing to work with!! Next time she is in town we
we need to go eat something spicy lol

DDDDDDDDDDDDDeanna Rocked It on the styling

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fuck . . . Yeah

In light of the situation . . .